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The Ever-Changing Times

Change is constant and an organisation's ability to change is its key factor. Survival depends on continual re-engineering and re-invention. By generating and capturing new ideas and technology, they in turn add value to their own organization and to their customers.

Singapore has followed the wave of being competitive by keeping up with the times and ever changing technology and quality management standards.

Many local companies are now being looked upon to pioneer into the industry with new products and services, forming benchmarks all over the world.

We are in fact a company that is proud to be a local company who is able to be invited for overseas projects. For the past years, our exports have reached Australia, Europe and various East Asian countries. This reiterates the fact that local products are as sought after as imports, if not more.

One Stop Shop

Being a one-stop supplier of air distribution products is our minimum goal.

New products are tested for function & reliability regularly to further expand our product range.

People, product & Process

This goes hand in hand with consistent manufacturing standards and operational processes. Hence people, product and process have to work in unison. With ISO management system as our foundation, coupled with COJT on the job training system and our continual product testing; our annual objectives become more and more stringent, leading to our final target of customer satisfaction