Ducting & Accessories

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⇒ Ductings

Pre-fabricated ductings of different materials to meet different designs & requirements.

PIR Aluminum Pre-Insulated Duct System Download Attachment
Aluminium Flexible Duct Download Attachment
Aluminium Insulated Flexible Duct Download Attachment
Aluminum Insulated Acoustic Flexible Duct Download Attachment
Aluminum Semi-rigid Duct Download Attachment

⇒ Insulation Materials

For thermal as well as acoustic control and insulation for HVAC and building needs.

Glasswool insulation blanket rolls   
Glasswool insulation panels   
Mineral Wool Slabs    

⇒ Accessories

Ducting Accessories to make your ducting systems versatile and simple.

Aluminium Tape  
Aluminium Foil   Download Attachment
Flex Clips  
Quadrant Arm (for damper) 
Insulation Pin (for internal insulation) 
Access Door  
Round Collar  
Round Damper  
VAV Terminal Boxes  Download Attachment